The expedition trek phase is a 19-day 235km trek, through the vast wilderness of Iringa. On an expedition trek the emphasis is on group leadership and volunteers must step into the role of being day leader. A trek guide and volunteer manager are the lead facilitators, providing a space where volunteers can develop their leadership qualities, whilst learning about conservation issues, camp-craft and survival skills. The trek will ensure that all volunteers are challenged into going beyond their comfort zone, while instilling a culture of resilience and leadership. Many find trek the hardest part of an expedition due to the physical exertion, lack of comfort and having the responsibility of leading the group. 

To begin with food and kit need to be distributed evenly to share the weight, some of the equipment needed for the expedition includes a medical kit, compass, GPS system; washing bowls, jerrycan, shovel and machete. Once arriving in camp jobs are delegated by the day leader such as pitching tents, fetching water and purifying it, digging a short drop toilet, putting up a tarp cover in the event of bad weather, collecting fire wood, cooking and burning any waste the group may use. After supper the group discuss the events of the day and any issues they may have encountered, before establishing the next day leader. 


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