The MAP6 photography collective is a group of 9 photographers working together to learn, experiment and make new work about the complex relationship between people and place. Annually, the group travel to a place new to everyone, and over the course of a week, the group work to form a photographic impression of that place through its landscape and people. Each project eventually takes the form of a curated exhibition, series of talks or group publication. The real star of the show, during these intensive weeks, is the collaborative process that is at the heart of the group. That takes many forms - from working collaboratively in the process of picture making to editing and directing each other’s work. Over the course of the last 6 years the group have experimented with, and deepened their understanding of, what artistic collaboration looks like for them as individuals and the group as a whole. MAP6 have been exhibiting the outcomes of these collaborative ventures throughout the UK and abroad since 2011, most recently at Milton Keynes Art Gallery and Vilnius Photographers Gallery. Paul is a founding member of the MAP6 collective which was formed in Brighton in 2011. 

To find out more about the collective, you can visit the MAP6 website.