In the southern Udzungwa Mountains, Raleigh Tanzania works alongside project partner TFCG (Tanzania Forest Conservation Group) on a long term NRM project, to raise awareness amongst local communities of the importance of sustainable forest management, and to protect and conserve Tanzania’s forests. To begin with Raleigh and TFCG establish a number of tree nurseries in each village. Groups then clear and work the land, plant seeds and eventually transplant the seedlings which will be maintained in a tree nursery until planting season. Beyond this Raleigh works with community members to establish a long-term care plan for the seedlings, so that they are protected throughout their life cycle. 

The village of Iyegeya, located in the mountains of Mufundi, is currently part of the Raleigh NRM program. Tree felling in the area is a major problem as timber is used for most things such as building and for charcoal, which is used for cooking. To combat this issue volunteers are tasked with filling and caring for 150,000 seedling tubes, which will be transplanted to local farms before growing into full size pine trees. Alongside the physical work volunteers deliver lessons at the Iyegeya primary school. As the main livelihood in the area is timber, lessons cover topics such as climate protection and sustainable farming, as well as alternative livelihood options such as fishing and bee keeping.