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"A walk is always filled with significant phenomena, which are valuable to see and feel."

Robert Walser, The Walk

Architecture for Travellers is a fascinating walking project from Joshua Edwards and Lynn Xu. Beginning during a residency at the Akademie Schloss Solitude, the project's first book Photographs Taken at One-Hour Intervals During a Walk from Galveston Island to the West Texas Town of Marfa was published in 2014.

The walk began on November 10th on Galveston Island Texas and ended December 20th at 404 West Galveston Street in Marfa, Texas. Whilst walking from his birthplace on the island of Galveston to the town of Marfa, where he and his wife will build their own home, poet Joshua Edwards took a photograph at the end of each hour of walking with the constraints of using only available light and a fixed lens. The book collects all 230 black and white photographs from the 680-mile trip and serves as a companion to a collection of poems and travel pieces.

To find out more information about the project or buy the book, you can visit the dedicated website here.


The walkers:

Joshua Edwards is the author of three collections of poetry and directs the independent publisher Canarium Books. His other photographic work can be found on his website here.

Lynn Xu was born in Shanghai, grew up in Chicago, and walked from Austin to Kerrville. She's the author of a various of collections opoetry and the co-editor of Canarium Books.

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  Robert Adams 1 A recent discovery of mine is the wonderful A Road Through Shore Pine, by Robert Adams. The work was made in Nehalem Bay State Park, Oregon, in the fall of 2013. Now realised in a book of 18 medium format prints, the series traces a contemplative journey, first by automobile, then by foot, along an isolated, tree-bordered road to the sea. The passage takes on the quality of metaphor, suggestive of life’s most meaningful journeys, especially its final ones.

Robert Adams 3

Adams writes, “The road is one that my family traveled often and fondly. Many of its members are gone now, and Kerstin and I visit the road for the example of the trees.” Adams was said to have stored this work in an archival print box on which he inscribed in pencil a line from the journal of the Greek poet George Seferis, “A marvelous road, enough to make you weep; pine trees, pine trees…”

Robert Adams 5


MKGallery Collaboration is at the the heart of the MAP6 collective, and we are constantly trying to find ways in which we can further this practice. For the show at the MK Gallery, we decided to edit and exhibit the work as a whole, rather than as individual projects. It was interesting to see how images made by 8 individual photographers worked together, printed and sized differently. We hope to push this further with coming projects, as well as collaborate with other photographers, designers and curators.


We had a brilliant time at the opening night of the Milton Keynes Project. The MK Gallery was packed and everybody seemed fascinated with the work. Thank you to everybody that came to see the work, which will be on show for a further 5 weeks.



Paul-Walsh-Autopia-1At the end of March, 8 photographers from the MAP6 collective spent the weekend in Milton Keynes, working intensely on a new collaborative project. The work will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the city and will be exhibited at the MK gallery. During my 72 hours there, I made a series of images documenting my walk around the edges of the Milton Keynes road system called the Grid. The series is called Autopia.


paul-walsh-walking-with-strangers In May last year I walked for three months from Le Puy en Velay in Eastern France, and ending 1700km later at Muxia on the West coast of Spain. The past few months since my return, I have been shaping the work into a series that I have now called Walking with Strangers. The pilgrim in the photograph is Tom from England, and I met him walking along an abandoned train line in France. More Images coming soon...


Of the Photobooks I purchased this year, these are my 10 favourite.

  • Highway Kind -  Justine Kurland
  • ZZYZX – Gregory Halpern
  • Intimate Distance - Todd Hido
  • Jazorina - Freya Najade
  • DTLFTSOTE - Mark Power
  • Cuba La Lucha - Carl De Keyzer
  • In Flagrante Two - Chris Killip
  • Tulip - Celine Marchbank
  • Badly Repaired CarsRonni Campana
  • Provisional ArrangementMartin Kollar



Recently the MAP6 collective exhibited at the wonderful ONCA gallery in Brighton, as part of the Brighton Photo Fringe. The gallery has two beautiful spaces to work with, and using a variety of media including sound, we exhibited our Lithuanian Project. After an incredibly busy opening evening, we had thousands of visitors over the coming weeks. Thank you to everybody that came to see the work and meet us.


Earlier in the year, the MAP6 collective had the amazing opportunity to exhibit in London as part of the Peckham 24 Festival. We were give two huge abandoned houses, called the safe houses 1 & 2, to fill with work. The first building we used to exhibit our project "Home", and the second we used to show our new "Lithuanian Project".


MAP6-PECKHAM24 Some more information regarding the forthcoming MAP6 exhibition at Peckham 24, part of the London Photo Festival. The exhibition PV is 19th May, and it continues on until the 22nd May. Hope you can join us ...


12916893_1168141026560188_4212352485274912274_o MAP6 are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting as part of the Peckham 24 Festival – a new 24 hour festival of contemporary photography and video art during London Photo week in May. The festival brings together artists and art spaces, as well as a number of invited guests from the UK and Europe. In keeping with the area’s growing reputation as one of London’s most exciting contemporary art destinations, the selected exhibitions showcase a diverse range of practices from some of today’s cutting edge talent.

Peckham 24 starts at 6pm on Friday 20th May with a series of late Friday exhibition openings. More information can be found here.


Paul-Walsh-Junction I have added some new images to my "Junction" series on my website. You can also see an exhibition of the work at the upcoming MAP6 show at the Hastings Arts Forum, which opens on March 21st. To see the work click here.


MAP6-HOME exhibition I am delighted to announce that I will be exhibiting as part of the MAP6 Collective. We will be showing our HOME Project for the first time, which is a group project that examines the significance of Home.

21st March - 3rd April, Hastings Art Forum, Hastings.

Feel Free to come along!