The MAP6 collective are pleased to announce that we will have another opportunity to exhibit the MK Project in Milton Keynes. Featuring my series Autopia, the show will run between Nov 1 - 30 and will be held at the MK Library. More details to follow soon. In the meantime MAP6 will be meeting in September to discuss our next project, exciting times for the collective.


MKGallery Collaboration is at the the heart of the MAP6 collective, and we are constantly trying to find ways in which we can further this practice. For the show at the MK Gallery, we decided to edit and exhibit the work as a whole, rather than as individual projects. It was interesting to see how images made by 8 individual photographers worked together, printed and sized differently. We hope to push this further with coming projects, as well as collaborate with other photographers, designers and curators.


We had a brilliant time at the opening night of the Milton Keynes Project. The MK Gallery was packed and everybody seemed fascinated with the work. Thank you to everybody that came to see the work, which will be on show for a further 5 weeks.



Paul-Walsh-Autopia-1At the end of March, 8 photographers from the MAP6 collective spent the weekend in Milton Keynes, working intensely on a new collaborative project. The work will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the city and will be exhibited at the MK gallery. During my 72 hours there, I made a series of images documenting my walk around the edges of the Milton Keynes road system called the Grid. The series is called Autopia.



Recently the MAP6 collective exhibited at the wonderful ONCA gallery in Brighton, as part of the Brighton Photo Fringe. The gallery has two beautiful spaces to work with, and using a variety of media including sound, we exhibited our Lithuanian Project. After an incredibly busy opening evening, we had thousands of visitors over the coming weeks. Thank you to everybody that came to see the work and meet us.


map6_2016_photo_fringe_invite MAP6 are very excited to announce our upcoming exhibition at the ONCA gallery in Brighton.

The MAP6 Collective presents a body of work that explores the shifting concept of what defines modern Europe. It's been 60 years since the publication of Cartier Bresson's The Europeans – a seminal body of work that continues to shape the photographic world. Since that work was made, a further 24 countries have joined the European Union and a single currency has been born. However, today’s Europe, seems even more in flux: more diverse, more politically and economically complex and more destabilised.

With this in mind, the MAP6 collective journeyed to the country that is currently recognised as the ‘official' centre of Europe to meet some of the newest Europeans. Once a satellite of the USSR, Lithuania is a young republic caught in the process of recovering from 50 years of Soviet occupation. Over 6 days, 6 photographers set out to explore its transformation from Communism to capitalism, and how it’s adapting to its newfound Eurozone identity.



Ciaron Jones 1 I recently came across this wonderful series from Ciaran Jones.

The images are created by placing negatives inside a pair of shoes and going for a walk. The shoes themselves have holes in them in the toes and the sides, causing light leakages; the physical act of walking coupled with the repetitive bodily movements and friction creates abstract patterns on the negative. Due to the constant friction, areas of the emulsion are worn away emphasising the physical nature of the work.

The work is currently on show at Banks Mill as part of Format Festival.

Images © Ciaran Jones


adrian turner2 adrian turner3


I first came across the work of Adrian Turner during a show at Vantage Point which was part of the BPF14. Adrian had embarked on two interlinking projects relating to Brighton. Firstly, during the course of a few hours, he walked right across the city of Brighton exploring it's social strata, from the wealthiest to the least well-off. The project SubUrbia follows these routes. Secondly, linked to SubUrbia is his project 36 Views from Hokusai's Thirty six views of Mount Fuji.

To see more of his work you can visit Adrian's website here.


annalaura-palma-1 annalaura-palma-6


Lately I discovered this beautiful and unusual series called Virginia from Annalaura Palma. The series retraces Virginia Woolf’s last walk from her house in Rodmell to the place where she drowned herself in the river Ouse.

You can visit Annalaura Palma's website here, you can also see her work on display at One Eyed Jacks until November 1st.


BPF14_Portrait The MAP6 Collective are very excited to have been selected for the Brighton Photo Fringe 14 exhibition at Vantage Point: Collectives Hub.

For this year’s festival BPF14 will be showcasing fourteen UK photography collectives selected from open submission. The BPF14 Collectives’ Hub will be on the 7th floor of Vantage Point, near Preston Circus, a large open plan office space just ten minutes walk from Brighton Station. Twelve collectives will be showing there, with two more showing at Phoenix Brighton.

BPF14 Website MAP6 Website


4PaulWalsh My series All Things Pass has been featured as part of David Boulogne's 2012 Pics Project. It is a collaborative project bringing together photographers that have captured the East End of London before and after the Olympic games. David Boulogne is the curator of the project and you can read his review of my work here. My work will also be featured as part of a show that David will be curating soon in the East End.


Michal IwanowskiPGaffney

7 February – 8 March 2014 Ffotogallery at Turner House Plymouth Road, Penarth CF64 3DH

Two solo exhibitions by Paul Gaffney and Michal Iwanowski, two artists that make work about the landscape during long walks.

Images © Paul Gaffney/Michal Iwanowski