First established in 1984 by HRH Prince Charles and Colonel John Blashford-Snell, Raleigh is a sustainable development charity that works in remote areas to improve sanitation, access to safe water and protect vulnerable environments and communities. This is carried out in a number of ways, through health and hygiene education and overseeing the construction of community toilet blocks (WASH projects), sharing sustainable farming and reforestation methods (NRM projects) and teaching entrepreneurial business skills (LIVELIHOODS projects).

I worked with Raleigh Tanzania for three and a half months as the expedition photographer. I worked on different assignments documenting projects, communities and funding organisations, as well as supplying marketing photographs for charity branding purposes. I also had the opportunity to meet, stay with and photograph the many people who were indirectly effected by the project work being carried out. Fundamentally I was stationed at fieldbase in Morogorro, which is a four hour drive west of Dar Es Salaam. Fieldbase is a hub where various teams look after the operations, communications, logistics and medical needs of the expedition.